Committed to the Survival of Africa’s most Persecuted
Carnivore - The Painted Dog

  • About Painted Dogs

    Also known as the painted wolf, African Wild Dog and Cape Hunting Dog, the African Painted Dog is the most endangered large carnivore in Africa, Red-Listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Browse through these pages to learn about threats to the dogs, about their incredible social systems and pack life, and about just how different they are from any other dog on the planet (three to five million years of evolution separates them from the other canids like wolves and domestic dogs).

  • Our Projects

    Painted Dog Conservation Inc (Australia) provides support to the following in-situ conservation projects in Africa:


    Zambia Carnivore Programme

    Conservation South Luangwa

    Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust

    Shinganda Wildlife Wilderness


    Painted Dog Conservation Project

    African Wildlife Conservation Fund

    South Africa

    Kevin Richardson - The Lion Whisperer

  • Membership and Pack Adoptions

    How you can help...

    Representing an evolutionary line that is unique to Africa, painted dogs are amongst this ravaged continents most endangered species. It is estimated that a mere 3,000 remain in the wild -many in small, non-viable, isolated populations. We provide support to projects in Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

    With a strong commitment to community development and conservation education, our methods are working. We rely totally on the generosity of individuals and organisations alike to continue our work.

  • Current Fundraising Campaigns & Events


    We are excited to announce the LAUNCH of Creations 4 Wildlife Painted Dog Bracelet-supporting us at Painted Dog Conservation Inc!

    10% of profits are donated to our frontline conservation projects!

    We are honoured to be partnering with this organisation, and love their passion for what they do!

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    Conservation Xmas Gifts

    Don’t forget, here at PDC Inc we have great Christmas ideas-you can Adopt a Wild Pack, Adopt a Detector Dog or become a Life Member! Please email Angela at for details-a gift that makes a difference”

    Adopt a pack

Simon's awe inspiring African adventure

Our Patron, Simon Reeve, goes on a journey from Perth to Zambia with Painted Dog Conservation Inc, to learn about our work saving wildlife

Jean-Claude Van Damme

We are happy to announce that Jean-Claude Van Damme has formally endorsed Painted Dog Conservation Inc